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Artist  in residence


Guest house



We will accept for only one group/day



WELCOME TO Studio Travel & Art!! 

Everyone is a Travelling artist here !

We have run a book Cafe & Guest house "Dokusyonomori" in a small city - Komoro, Nagano prefecture - for 25 years. We love art and nature, and have many friends who are artists, musicians, craft persons and so on. Now we have just started Artist in Residence[AIR]. We believe art can make the world beautiful and peaceful. We want to contribute to our society through art with many different artists. Why don't you come and make your art works at our place? Our art studio is located about 3.5km from our main sponsor house, the "Cafe & Guesthouse Dokusyonomori."  The "Travel & Art" studio is in a small village called "Ookubo," which is peaceful and typically traditional. Many village dwellers might be confused when they meet you for the first time, but they will warm up to you very quickly. You can see and experience the way of living in the countryside in Japan. And it will inspire you so much. We have 4 rooms - 2 Japanese style and 2 Western style - as well as a living room. Also you can use the garden and farm as you like.